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    Default The Atari section of my collection is off to a good start

    Yesterday my wife and I went out to Pinball Wizard Arcade to celebrate my birthday (which was actually on the 8th) and invited a bunch of friends to come along. My brother surprised me with a small/medium sized tackle box full of Atari games. He got these from a woman he knows who said "Here, you might know someone who's interested in them, or you can sell them off".

    Here is what I got:
    -Space Invaders
    -Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
    -Laser Blast
    -Donkey Kong
    -Home Run
    -Star Raiders
    -Pac-Man (there are 2 of them)
    -Yars' Revenge
    -Missile Command
    -Raiders of the Lost Ark

    All in all I think that's a fantastic set of games to put into my collection. Now all I need to do is track down a working Atari.

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    Nice way to start off - lots of awesome games in there. Enduro is one of my all time favorite games. You should be able to score a 2600 or 7800 pretty cheap somewhere. Good luck!
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    The woman said she might have an Atari still in the house, but it's just a matter of finding it. I've also got a few places around my area that might also sell them if I want to get one locally instead of going online to get one. Although one place tends to overcharge for everything.




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