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    Default GameGavel Crowdfunding Campaign

    Hey everyone,

    We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign over at

    If you feel like helping our cause I think we have a donation level for just about any pocketbook. We are offering up a variety of Free Seller Accounts for varying time periods based on the amount of your donations so you can effectively offset your donation about simply by selling your stuff on GameGavel.

    I realize many of you already have lifetime free seller accounts on GameGavel, but don't let that stop you. You can still donate and it would be much appreciated. We are going after $100,000 which will go toward helping us accelerate our growth and site awareness through various advertising campaigns.

    I also want to do a site facelift and add some functionality based on user recommendations over the years.

    Who knows if we will even come close to reaching our goal but we thought it was worth a try

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