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    Default Console Update

    I figured I would come into our official forums and update those of you who are here on what we have been up to. As you can tell, we have been keeping much more quiet about what is going on as we really don't want to say anything about our hardware that isn't completely confirmed. Once we have our prototype up and running and the components all nailed down and working then we will let everyone know exactly what is "under the hood". We will also be undergoing a name change and announcing a new partner that I think will be exciting news, as well.

    In any event, just know we are working very hard to deliver what was originally promised before we let feature creep set in and price RVGS completely out of the market. As I've said before, we've listened and learned a lot from all the praise and criticism of the past few months and have dialed it all into a machine we think you will all be very excited about.

    It shouldn't be too much longer before we will be revealing more confirmed information. So please hang with us. We appreciate all your support and enthusiasm about this product.

    Mike Kennedy

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    Coleco eh?
    Coleco Chameleon?
    I like it.
    It rolls off the tongue better then Retro VGS.
    This could be a new start for you guys.
    I can't wait to see how this turns out.

    Question though.
    No 9 pin ports?
    Could there be an adapter?

    Can't wait to see more!

    Did a video on it.
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