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    Exclamation Trog's selling: 'Little Samson' for the Nintendo NES! SUPER RARE! FREE SHIPPING !!!

    OK people, I'm pulling out the big guns now!!!
    I didn't really want to do this, but since I need the money,
    I have decided to auction off one of the rarest games I own for the Nintendo NES:

    Little Samson

    This is one of the rarest licensed games ever released for the Nintendo NES and usually fetches astronomically high prices even when it is being sold loose; like the one I have listed for sale here. This is an original authentic cartridge, and not a reproduction of any kind. I am also providing FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States. Please inquire about shipping charges to anywhere else in the world before the auctions end.

    This very rare item has been listed for the absolute cheapest price you will find anywhere, so bid... bid... buy!
    This is your chance to get a hold of one of the most sought after NES games ever created for the lowest price available.

    Don't make me have to put this on eBay, GameGavelers!

    Thank you very much,

    UPDATE: It has been over 10 days since the original listing for this item ended. The original buyer of this item has not payed for this item, nor have they made any effort to contact me in any way. Because of this I have been forced to relist this auction. This has cost me both time and money, so please bid or buy this item only if you intend to pay for it at the auctions end. Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck.

    UPDATE: The game has been sold, and the auction has now ended. Thank you for your interest.
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