The NESATHON returns for the 5th year in a row!!
We will be playing the NES in HD (thanks for over 50 hours straight to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis Research.
Starting Friday June 3rd at 3PM EST and running until Sunday June 5th.
Visit to watch, chat, and donate.
You can also watch, chat and donate on twitch, check out our channel playasguide

NESathon-2K16 Poster.jpg

NESATHON will have special features and prizes, such as:

Homebrew hour hosted by Mog
Late night with ne$_pimp
Ladies' hour featuring csylve01
Tetris with ClaytonBigsby
and special guest appearances by rdools, Dave, Crazyhands007, and others.

2 prize packs will be raffled off which will each include an exclusive NintendoAge NESathon2K16 Tshirt, made by NEX Game store. A third shirt will be given to the person who donates the most.
Other prizes that will be raffled off: has donated 5 products, boxes, manuals, or maps to be selected by winner.
thesubcon3 has donated 2 books, The Complete NES Book Hardcover, and The Video Game Culture Chronicles 1990 Hardcover

100% of donations will go to MS research.
To donate just click the MS society icon at the top right of

Donations in the denomination of $20, we will play an NES game of your choice.
For every $35 donation you make your name will be entered once into the raffles.
If you donate $50 or more Nintendo Age will reward you with an MS award icon, and you can select 3 games to be played.
For those who donate $100, they will be entered into the raffles 3 times, can select 6 games and receive an MS award icon.

To break down how it works, if you were to donate $70 you could select 4 games for us to play live on stream, get your name entered twice into the raffles, and receive an award icon. WOW!

To claim any prize winnings please contact us, or message ne$_pimp on

The schedule:
Friday Night Four Score Fun - 8pm June 3
Late night with ne$_pimp - 2am June 4
Saturday Morning Cartoons with rdools - 10am June 4
Power Pad Games 4pm June 4
Ladies' hour featuring csylve01 - 10pm June 4
Tetris with the Guru ClaytonBigsby 11am June 5
Raffles 2:30pm June 5
Homebrew Hour starring Mog 3pm June 5

If you would like to help promote our cause, please PM me and I can email you our poster.

Help support the stream by tweeting with and at us @playasguide1

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