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Game Gavel Buyers Guide


You must register to participate on this site and you are expected to abide by site policies.

Your Member ID and Password:

Once you have registered you may not change your Member ID. You may certainly change your password at any time. Your password is stored in the Contact Info area and may be accessed by logging in to the Members Area.


Game Gavel will send notices by email when you have bid, been outbid, or have won a listing. To ensure that you receive these messages you will also find a copy of every message sent in the Messages section of the Members Area.

Viewing Listings on Game Gavel:

To view the items for sale or on auction, start on the Home Page where you can:

When viewing results, click the listing title to view the item detail and place your bids.

Icons Used on Game Gavel:

When viewing lists of items either on the home page, through searc, or in the categories, you will notice icons that are designed to tell you something about the item at a glance.

New Item New Listing
Item Ending Soon Ending Soon
Buy Now Buy Now Available
Make Offer Make Offer
Hot Item! Hot Item
Reserve Item Reserve Item

Types of Listings:

Each listing is an auction listing where you will need to bid to win, or a store listing that you can purchase immediately. Some items will allow you to make an offer. Offers may be accepted, declined, or countered. In the case of auctions and offers, you will be notified by email if you are outbid, win, or the staus of your offer changes. If you do not receive the email, you can find a copy in the Messages section of the Members Area.

Purchasing Outright:

When a listing is for outright sale, you can purchase the item immediately from the item page, or add the item to your Shopping Cart. Adding to your Shopping Cart is helpful, but be aware that someone else can purchase that item before you checkout. You can view your Shopping Cart and items that you have Purchased but not checkout in the Members Area.

Making an Offer:

Some items on the site will allow you to make an Offer. Click the link to view the listing, and click the offer tab. When entering your bid, enter only numbers and decimal points. Do not enter dollar signs or commas. Your offer can be automitcally acceped or declined, otehrwise it will be sent for consideration. Each offer placed by a member may then be accepted, declined, or countered. Once an offer is accepted, it is your responsibility to purchase that item at the offer price. Please keep in mind that offers do not include shipping. This amount is stated on the listing page, and will be included when you are sent an invoice.

Once you enter your bid, you will be asked to confirm your bid. Be careful. You may not retract a bid once placed.

Placing a Bid:

If an item is up for auction you can place a bid. The system is similar to how eBay works. In order to bid you must be registered, and logged in. The minimum amount you must bid is displayed with the listing. When entering your bid, enter only numbers and decimal points. Do not enter dollar signs or commas.

Once you enter your bid, you will be asked to confirm your bid. Be careful. You may not retract a bid once placed.

Bidding When Quantities are Available:

Dutch auctions are held when more than 1 of a certain item is available at the same time. When bidding on a Dutch auction, you will need to provide both your bid amount and the quantity you are bidding on.

At the end of the auction the system will determine the winners by looking at the following in this order: Bid Amount, Quantity Bid, and time the bid was placed. If you win, the bid you placed is what you will pay.

Bidding on Regular Listings:

When entering a bid amount, you may choose to enter only what is necessary (and make it easy for someone to outbid you!), or you may enter a Maximum Bid.

A Maximum Bid is a confidential bid that is used to bid for you should someone raise the bid. The smallest amount of your Maximum Bid necessary to be the high bidder is used when placing your bid.

If an auction item contains a Buy Price bidding will immediately end if your bid meets this price.

Bidding Results:

After you have placed your bids, you will be informed if your bid has been accepted. If a higher bid is needed you will be informed and allowed to place another bid.

At the close of the auction, or when you purchase something outright, you will be notified by email. If you have won or purchased multiple items, these items can be combined by requesting an invoice from the seller.

Tracking Bids:

The Bid Tracker, located in the Members Area, keeps track of listings that you have bid on or marked to watch.

Tracking Purchases/Checkout:

If you have won or purchased an item, you will need to checkout if you have not received an invoice. Yu can access Checkout from the link sent to you by email, or in the Bid Tracker, or in the Items Won/Purchased area in the Memebrs Area. Once you have checked out oir received an invoice, you can find the invoices in the The Invoices for Purchases section also located in the Members Area.

For more information on using Game Gavel, please consult the following guides.

Buyers Guide
Sellers Guide
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