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The World's Largest Video Game Collection recognized by Guinness - 11,000+ Games

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Current Time: 11/23/2014 10:47:43 AM EDT
Listed: Wednesday June 11, 2014 12:16 AM EDT
Ending: Sunday June 15, 2014 10:30 PM EDT
Item Has Ended


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Listing Details

The "World's Largest Video Game Collection"
as Recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records

Just Added! New Interactive Panoramic Images of the Collection. Thanks to Bill Lundin for these great shots!

Panoramic View #1

Panoramic View #2

Panoramic View #3

Panoramic View #4

... as seen on TV ABC's Good Morning America, CBS, FOX, NBC, BBC, CBC, CW networks etc. ... and heard on the radio National Public Radio (NPR), CBS' The Observation Deck, The Rock Morning Show, The Marc & Marsha Computer & Tech Show, Tim Denis In the Morning Steve Tripi, CKTV, to name a few.

... and in print The Guinness Book of World Records 2014 Gamers Edition, Game Informer #249, RETRO Magazine, Video Game Trader #26, New York Times Upfront, Business First, Antique Week, Art Voice and more.

... not to mention hundreds of newspapers around the globe, stories distributed by the Associated Press (A.P.) and other news agencies in the USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, et cetera ... and everywhere online such as IGN, Screw Attack, Huffington Post, Kotaku, GameSpot, Destructoid, PC Mag, Daily Mail, Polygon, Tech Spot, Tech Times and on and on...

The collection consists of all 10,607 games that were verified by The Guinness Book of World Records during the official count performed on December 3rd, 2012, as well as four hundred plus more games that I have acquired since. In total, OVER 11,000 GAMES!! Guinness did not count duplicates, so every game is unique with no repeats.

I’m also including the actual Guinness Certificate.

The winner also receives a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to RETRO MAGAZINE, including all back issues and an autographed copy of the premiere issue that features this very collection.

Win this auction and you will have the largest recorded collection of games in the world – or Universe, even! I’m handing over the baton and the winner will instantly become the new crown holder, without three plus decades of meticulous hunting.

And the best part of this auction, other than all of the games...
The STARTING BID is ONLY a SINGLE DOLLAR!  Anyone can get in on the EXCITEMENT!
Furthermore, I'll state that the auction has a conservative realistic reserve below it's appraised value.

I operated seven independent gaming stores during the nineties and have worked for another chain for the last decade. I also operated Good Deal Games online since 1998, having thousands of games cross my path. Whenever I purchased a game that did not directly come from the distributor I was able to look through all our inventory and pick out the nicest copy of a game, including grabbing the nicest box and manual. As a result, the games in my collection are mostly PRISTINE – you WILL be pleased!

Approximately a quarter of the collection is NEW FACTORY SEALED! There are a whopping 2600+ factory shrink-wrapped titles in the collection! Over 8,300 are complete with box and manual.

A few years ago, I supplied almost a thousand games to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (part of the Strong Museum) and Shannon Symonds (the Acquisitions Cataloger for the ICHEG) stated that the games I sold them were the nicest collection of games they had ever received. And those were duplicates that were not as nice as the copies that I held back for my personal collection.

Here is a short video covering the Guinness event:



The following categories are COMPLETE U.S. sets, and may also include import titles, as well: 3DO, Action Max, AGP X-System, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Atari Jaguar CD, Atari Lynx, Buzztime, Captain Power, Game Boy Advance e-Reader, Neo-Geo Pocket Color, Nintendo Virtual Boy, NUON, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Tapwave Zodiac, Tiger Game.Com, Turbo-Grafx-16 CD and Turbo-Grafx-16 Super CD.

The following categories are NEAR COMPLETE U.S. sets, and may also include import titles, as well: Bally Videocade, CougarBoy, Fairchild VES Channel F, Game Wave, Gizmondo, Halcyon Interactive, LaserActive, Magnavox Odyssey2, NEC PC-FX, N*Gage, Sega 32-X, SuperVision, Vectrex and XaviX.

The remaining games are for the following platforms: Amiga CD-32, Amstrad CPC, APF MP1000, Arcadia 2001, Atari 2600, Atari XE/XL, Bandai / Apple Pippin, Bandai Playdia, BBC Micro, Casio Loopy, Colecovision, Commodore 64, Commodore 64/128, Commodore Vic-20, Dragon 32, DVD Interactive, Epoch Cassette Vision, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, FM Towns, FM Towns Marty, Hyperscan, LaserDisc Interactive, Leap Frog Leapster, Leap Frog Didj, Mattel Intellivision, Mattel Aquarius, Microsoft X-Box, Microsoft X-Box 360, Microvision, MSX, NEC TurboGrafx-16, Neo-Geo AES, Neo-Geo CD, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo Family Computer Disk System, Nintendo GameBoy, Nintendo GameBoy Color, Nintendo GameBoy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 64 DD, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii, Philips CD-I, Radio Shack TRS-80, RCA Studio II, Sega SG-1000, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega 32x CD, Sega Pico, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Sony Vita, TI-99/4a, Tiger R-Zone, Timex Sinclair, Tomy Tutor ,V.Flash, V.Smile, Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color.

… and, as many of you know I have been involved in the gaming industry for 25+ years. Although I am selling this collection, please do not misunderstand and come to the conclusion that I am leaving the hobby. That is definitely not the case. I love games and they are pivotal part of my identity. I will continue to champion them. I will continue to write for periodicals and publish books, teach my college gaming classes, occasionally partake in competitive gaming, operate GDG’s Homebrew Heaven, publish new games and gaming products, write business plans, make appearances on television, film and radio, manage retail gaming stores, help with trade shows, work as a consultant for third parties, et cetera.

I simply have an immediate family and extended family that have needs that need to be addressed. While I do not wish to part with these games, I have responsibilities that I have made to others and this action is how I will help meet them. No worries, I’ve sold my collection many times in the past and still managed to capture Guinness’ attention, and it is entirely possible that I may again.

This collection is TOO MASSIVE to list all the games in this description, so visit this link to get more details, game listings, charts and graphs, photos and more!

To learn more about Michael and this amazing collection visit this link to read a recent article in RETRO Videogame Magazine !


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