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Please if you have any questions about my Auctions, Shipping, Packaging, Insurance
or anything else Please don't Hesitate to ask, I will be happy to respond

I have included a little background on myself along with some information on
my Combined shipping policy.

I will add information as it becomes available so try and stop by now and again
and look around It could be interesting.



The Quick Version

I have been collecting Video Games since the beginning but became addicted about
the time I found the Internet and RGVC News Group (1994 ?) Its been a never
ending search for space since :)

The Longer Version

I joined the ARMY in 1974 and sometime in 1977 maybe 78 while stationed
at Fort Ord we got an ATARI 2600 in the rec. room and it quickly became the
thing to do. We had a polaroid camera near by to take pictures of the
Activision High Scores and would send them off when someone would
win a patch, these were then pinned up on a bulletin board. it was
quite a collection

After leaving the Army Aviation (Crew Cheif UH-1H Helicopter) I landed
a job at the Oakland International Airport North Field as an Aircraft
Re-Fueler One of the Aircraft stationed there was ATARI's G2
that had some game systems set-up inside, I would on occasion
get the chance to check out the new games before they were put on sale

After getting interested in computers and the internet I started collecting
all the games I could find and soon found myself with way more then I
could play. ENTER Ebay, joined ebay in 1996 and still have a 100%
feedback score with over 1100 transactions.

Ebay was a nice place when it started I could actually keep my game
addiction in check by selling enough to finance my collection but much
has changed it has become way to much work with the ever changing
policy not to mention the cost has gotten way out of hand between
the listing fees, ending fees, paypal fees, shipping costs and rampant
Scams and Rip Offs I had to start looking for a better site

CHUCK WAGON I am hoping will be the future for all us gamers needing a
safer less expensive place to buy and sell



If you are interested in Combining shipping on upcoming
items you may win please let me know.

I can wait for 1 week to combine the shipping before
payment is required. If you are still interested in other
items after a week we can still delay the shipping
but the payment for the auctions won at the end of each
week will need to be paid, less the shipping of course.

Once you have decided you would like the items shipped
I can then work up the combined shipping cost and mail
out your items

I only charge for actual cost Ronded up to the full dollar.
I use USPS Boxed Priority, USPS Boxed 1st Class Parcel or
USPS Boxed Parcel Select Mail options when mailed within the USA.
Shipping type used is determined by the buyer
The total will be the combined cost of postage plus no more
then .99 cents ( to bring amount to the nearest full dollar ).
Your Shipping cost will be the actual amount rounded to the nearest dollar USD



Member Info
Game Gavel Home page for fnd

Being a Collector myself I understand buyers want to know the true condition of the items they are buying. So to that end I always include clear scans/pictures of the items I sell, this will usually include scans of all sides of the included items

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Located in Fremont, CA

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