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Hello, Welcome to my GameGavel homepage! a little bit about me.

My Name is Rick Weis, I'm mostly a Atari 2600 Collector, I have been collecting for the Atari 2600 since Jan. 8, 1978 (over 35 years now) I was 14 when I started. I'm 50 now! I do collect for other system but not as much as the atari 2600, I mostly collect good games on other system that I like to play.

My favorite games ever are: #1=Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES, #2= Resident Evil 4 for the GC, #3= HALO for the Xbox I mostly use my real name on all forums I post on, but I decided to use rick63 for CTCW because that is my name I use on Ebay. I stopped selling long ago on ebay (just got tired of all the BS) and mostly sold stuff on or where I use my real name (Rick Weis)

I have done thousands of transactions over the decades, and I will go out of my way to make every transaction a happy one! I'm mostly a buyer, so I know how I want to be treated as a buyer, and that is how I will treat you! I do combined on shipping! I ship worldwide! I stand behind my product, If there is a problem, PLEASE contact me ASAP! I will work out any and all problems! If you have ANY questions about any of my auctions, Please ask!

good luck with your bids!


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Game Gavel Home page for rick63

Welcome! I'm Rick Weis, Gamer, Collector and President of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. most of these items are from my collection and just looking to find them a good home! Thanks for checking out my auctions!

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