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Welcome to GameGavel

Please take a moment and listen to a Welcome Message from GameGavel Founder, Mike Kennedy

The Premier Video Gaming Auction Site and Community

GameGavel was launched on March 24, 2008. Since then, GameGavel has grown considerably and is visited by thousands of gamers each month. GameGavel has hosted over one million auctions and sold nearly half a million dollars in merchandise. This makes the most successful video game dedicated auction site ever.

GameGavel also offers gamers a unique online gaming community all bound together by the auction marketplace. We offer gamers a fun and friendly gaming community forum where they can connect with other like-minded gamers as well as enjoy some unique and original gaming entertainment from our podcast to the popular game hunting series, Big Game Hunter, found on GameGavel's Youtube channel. And, when we can we also serve up video game news, reviews and editorials on our content & print/digital magazine website,

There is no other online gaming website like GameGavel! We offer commerce, community and content all in one convenient place.

Recently, GameGavel has been receiving some extremely RARE auction listings and is becoming the go to auction site for sellers with unique and rare items to sell. GameGavel goes further to help sellers of rare items than any other online auction site by providing: listing support and advice, the promotion of rare item listings to the gaming press, editorial story creation to run alongside the auction and access to a large network of the world's most serious video game collectors. If you have a rare item and want to discuss listing it on GameGavel, please contact us at

For Sellers

GameGavel was started by gamers for gamers to be a less expensive alternative to the larger online auction and store websites. GameGavel offers sellers the unique opportunity to sell in a marketplace dedicated only to video gaming and at a cost much less than any other online gaming marketplace.

Selling Fees:

Selling on GameGavel is easy and after registering, you can be selling in minutes. First off, there are NO LISTING FEES on GameGavel. Next, if your item sells you will be charged only a 5% Final Value Fee - compared to 9-15% on eBay and Amazon.

All sellers also receive a variety of free auction promotional tools, a handy bulk-uploader and a FREE online branded storefront and specific store URL. This is your own GameGavel store! Embellish your store with a photo of your collection and if you are a business upload your store logo. Use the provided store URL to add to your own personal or business website and to your social networks and start driving gamers to your GameGavel store listings.

GameGavel offers sellers a variety of selling formats: Auction format, "Buy Now" format and an Offer system.

On GameGavel you can list video games, gaming consoles, gaming memorabilia as well as "fringe" items gamers are also interested in like: vintage and modern toys, electronics, toys & action figures, comics, collectibles, hobby games, music and movies, computers, anime and more.

For Buyers

For buyers, GameGavel offers an undiluted marketplace full of nothing but video games and "fringe" listings. Everything gamers are interested can be found on And, we have a great and growing group of sellers with great feedback continually adding interesting products for you to discover and add to your collections. Press

Rare Auction Press (Atari Air Raid):

Rare Auction Press (Atari Red Sea Crossing):

Rare Auction Press (Nintendo Stadium Events):


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GameGavel is a more focused and cheaper online auction alternative, dedicated to video games, vintage toys, comics and other things gamers love.
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